Since 1996, Cumming has been involved with more than 100 culture sector projects – including museums and galleries, performing arts centers, and memorials, among others – representing approximately $1 billion in development value. Through this work, we have gained tremendous respect for the complexities of these unique and highly customized building types, as well as for the expertise required to effectively manage the details of cost and construction. Whether assisting with the preservation of a historic theater, participating in the development of a ground-up museum, or helping to modernize a cultural arts center, we take great care to understand the vision of the owner and designer, and work together with all project stakeholders to ensure the project’s vision is preserved through all stages of design.

Cumming emphasizes value in each of the services we offer. The value we bring to the Culture sector is rooted in our understanding of each building’s specialized use and requirements, and of the priorities held by the project’s many stakeholders. This in-depth knowledge enables us to provide early and accurate project budgets, produce consistently reliable estimates, and present options and alternatives based on shifting revenue projections and evolving scope. Most importantly, we are able to effectively serve as trusted advisors to the entire project team.

Many of the projects defined under the Culture sector become architectural icons upon completion. They are visited by thousands of people each year and scrutinized by many more. It is our job to help ensure that the legacy of each building aligns with the original vision, and is in no way impacted by cost or schedule overruns, or the countless other design and construction issues that can arise along the way.

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