Top retailers throughout the United States and abroad have partnered with Cumming for help in developing early project budgets and to facilitate design and construction activities.

As these clients understand, Cumming’s benchmarking efforts deliver essential value throughout the design and construction process, while helping to ensure that projects avoid the significant cost implications of delayed completion.

Cumming has intimate, first-hand knowledge of the challenges unique to the retail sector, from the branding importance of highly customized flagship stores to the challenge of updating stores while limiting the impact of construction on foot traffic and revenue. In this highly competitive marketplace, retail companies must strictly adhere to brand standards to stand out and make an impact. To help our clients drive brand awareness while giving each location a unique personality — and doing so within the original budget — Cumming works collaboratively with the entire project team, which often includes a variety of expert vendors, such as specialty designers and contractors, craftsmen of customized millwork, and others.

Cumming offers a flexible approach to service delivery.

Feasibility studies
 Project budgeting
Cost analyses
Planning and scheduling,
ADA assessments
Comprehensive project management

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