Constructability Review

imageValue creation is at the core of Cumming’s mission. A thorough and well-executed constructability review – which typically saves our clients two to eight times the cost of the review – is a great example of the value we bring to our clients’ projects.

For Cumming, the constructability review process is more than a simple back office document review exercise. We take the time to meet with our clients to thoroughly understand their program; we conduct visual site inspections to help identify potential impediments to the design and construction process; and we establish lines of communication with the entire design and construction team from the outset.

Most importantly, we carefully review the contract documents to ensure they comply with the program and ultimately meet the objectives for the space. Most problems that occur during construction, including the misalignment of furnishings with built assemblies, for instance, can be largely avoided through our systematic approach to constructability reviews.

The benefits you’ll receive from a Cumming Constructability Review include:

  • Reduced claims and change orders
  • Improved quality
  • Overall savings of 2-8 times the cost of the review
  • Improved team communication and collaboration
  • Well-documented and categorized comments
  • Minimal disruption to the design and construction process

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