Consulting Services

Dispute Resolution ConsultingConstruction projects are complex. And the more complex they are, the more likely it is that a dispute will occur. Some are manageable if caught early, while others require an extended commitment of resources. In either case, Cumming provides the expert guidance needed to resolve disputes quickly and confidentially. With our team’s expertise in resolving construction disputes of all types and sizes, we know what to look for and how to achieve positive results on your behalf on a wide range of issues, including delay, acceleration, labor productivity, cost overruns and standard-of-care.

Consulting Service Overview

Our construction experts achieve exceptional results with proven return on investment.

Quick and Cost-Effective Identification of Core Issues

Cumming’s experts provide realistic evaluations through preliminary cost and schedule comparisons. This enables you to make timely and informed business decisions on how to proceed.

Broad Discipline Expertise

Cumming has broad discipline expertise in-house, including: licensed architects, engineers and attorneys; certified cost, schedule, project management and LEED professionals; and past owners, designers and builders.

Extensive Sector Expertise

Cumming has extensive knowledge in a variety of sectors, including: aviation, civil/infrastructure, commercial, education, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, institutional, petro-chemical, public works, themed entertainment and water/wastewater.

Objective Accurate Analyses and Work Product

Cumming prepares detailed analyses that provide in-depth information tailored to the unique factors of the dispute. Our findings are factual and supportable, based purely on the comparison of actual versus contractual — an approach grounded in reality and superior to those that rely on more questionable, theoretical methods.

Compelling and Simple Communication of Complex Matters

Cumming’s dispute resolution professionals are expert analysts and superb communicators. Their findings illuminate the essential elements of the dispute and are prepared and presented in a manner that is both compelling and easily understood by judge or jury.

Dispute Resolution Services

Cumming’s experts leverage our cost and project management expertise to assure that you benefit from our full breadth of project experience in the delivery of our core dispute resolution services.


  • Standard-of-Care
  • Contract Documents
  • Contract Change Directives
  • Coordination / Constructability

Scheduling & Labor

  • Forward Scheduling
  • Resource Loading
  • As-Planned Schedule Validation
  • Labor Productivity
  • Critical Path Delay and Acceleration
  • Technical Forensics
  • Project Work-Outs

Cost & Damages

  • Estimate Validation and Adjustments
  • Comparative Cost Analyses
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Cost Audits and Valuations
  • Damages and Counter-Damages


  • Expert Testimony
  • Claims Critique and Preparation
  • Document Control
  • Demonstrative Exhibits
  • Neutral Settlement Facilitation