Cost Management and Estimating

imageSimply stated, our goal is to work on your behalf to minimize risk and maximize the value of your project. We achieve this through a disciplined, proactive approach to cost management and an overarching dedication to effectively managing your project budget. We take pride in our reputation for delivering results that far exceed expectations, the proof of which rests in the continued trust bestowed on us by our valued clients.

Cumming’s unique approach to cost management is designed to add significant value to our clients’ bottom lines; a relentless focus that is reflected in our group’s guiding principles:

Proactive Approach

We have a proven track record of saving our clients time and money, while preserving project quality through our proactive approach to cost management. We plan, control and manage project costs from inception through to successful completion.

Detailed Budgets

Our comprehensive budget estimates are based on well-researched cost data and contain a level of detail far more extensive than the “industry standard.” This ensures a realistic and accurate basis for the project and, when combined with our comprehensive cost control services, saves you from the embarrassment of budget overruns.

Continuous Involvement

As an integral part of the design process, our continuous and disciplined management of project costs results in timely, well-informed design and business decisions. This approach leads to the early identification of potential cost issues, which in turn reduces the delays and expenses associated with unnecessary redesign.

Value Management

You will benefit from our creative value management techniques. Our efforts help to assure program integrity, preserve design intent and eliminate unnecessary project costs.

Forward-looking Solutions

When it comes to managing project costs, nobody likes surprises. Unlike others, we don’t wait for the market to change; we accurately forecast market trends and advise our clients accordingly. Our continual analysis of productivity, material, labor, and micro and macro level market conditions ensure our budgets and estimates are comprehensive and accurate.

State-of-the-Art Tools

Cumming is at the forefront of the BIM revolution. We integrate with the 5D environment, creating cost models in collaboration with your entire project team to maximize value and minimize risk. Our team approach at the outset of design ensures an accurate basis for both cost and schedule, while providing a value-added review of constructability issues.

Comprehensive Services

We leverage the expertise of Cumming’s Program Management and Dispute Resolution groups at every stage of the planning, design, and construction process. Our clients benefit from the holistic knowledge our team brings to their projects.

Our Cost Management Services Include:

  • Feasibility Studies & Conceptual Estimating
  • Budget Development and Cost Planning
  • Cost Estimating / Milestone Estimates
  • Value Management
  • Economic Forecasting / Market Reports
  • Pre- and Post-Bid Services, Including Change Order Management, Cost Control and Cost Forecasting
  • Pre-  Post-Contract Audit Services
  • BIM 5D Cost Modeling
  • LEED Cost Analysis / Life Cycle Costing

Why Cost Management is Crucial

In a recent survey by FMI and CMAA, some of the largest owners in the construction industry ranked “Lack of Planning for Unanticipated Costs” and “Inaccurate Budgeting / Estimating”[1] as among the leading causes of troubled capital projects today. These risks can be especially devastating in today’s climate, where financial resources are finite, energy and commodity prices are volatile, and corporate reputations hang in the balance.

Regardless of project type, complexity, or location, we have the expertise to minimize these risks and add value at each and every stage of the planning, design, and construction process. From early feasibility studies and cost models, to post contract cost control and change order management, we can help.

[1] Managing Capital Project Risk, Ninth Annual FMI/CMAA Owner’s Survey