Energy & Sustainability Consulting

Download our Energy Services Information SheetCumming is committed to adding value to our clients wherever possible. One of the most significant areas where clients can save money, both over the short term and into the future, is with their energy consumption. With the proper building systems in place, and with an operating and maintenance schedule that optimizes performance, the overall cost to run a building can be greatly reduced.

At Cumming, we offer a full suite of energy and sustainability services to ensure total energy costs are maximized, while at the same time helping to minimize environmental impacts. These services are tailored to the unique needs and requirements of our clients’ projects.

We are currently providing energy project services for several K-12 and Community College District programs. In California, we have developed expertise in providing energy services in support of the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39) for the technical development and submittal of required Energy Expenditure Plans to the California Energy Commission for the award of energy project funds.

Our comprehensive suite of energy and sustainability services includes:

  • The identification of Energy Efficiency Measures and Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) to reduce baseline consumption.
  • Benchmarking, energy modeling, energy auditing, and retro-commissioning of existing buildings in order to identify, finance, and implement a broad range of energy efficiency solutions.
  • Analysis of various renewable energy technology options that include solar photovoltaic (PV), fuel cells, co-gen, waste-to-energy, micro turbine, and others.
  • Comprehensive energy plan options that include detailed scopes of work, schedules, cost estimates, life-cycle analysis, and present day cost-benefit analysis of long-term renewable energy options.
  • LEED Certification providing independent, third party verification of projects designed and built to LEED standards using strategies aimed at achieving high performance, sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, and materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

In addition to our comprehensive energy services, Cumming also provides specific cost services to our energy and utility clients to maximize cost savings for energy efficiency systems and whole building integrated design projects. Our services have validated energy cost savings for participants that ensure they receive the maximum value of utility energy rebates and incentives.