Program and Project Management

Services DiagramThe delivery of each project on-budget, on-schedule, and on-quality is our primary goal for every client. Cumming’s core philosophy is “Manage each project like we own it.” This means much more than administering a project by attending meetings and taking notes. Cumming’s project managers proactively lead, challenge, motivate and direct teams to generate superb results that save money and time, mitigate risk, and achieve our clients’ delivery goals. We are advocates for our clients and we take great pride and ownership in everything we do.


Cumming knows that for a project team to be successful, it must be inspired, unified, and led with confidence and knowledge. To do all of this, and to enhance the project team’s performance so that extraordinary results are achieved, takes a strong and thoughtful leader. It is common in the industry for project managers to be experts after the fact, and to rely on hindsight in apportioning blame for subpar performance; at Cumming, our experienced project leaders have seen it all, and are able to provide the foresight and vision necessary to avoid pitfalls, provide creative solutions, and protect our clients from claims and disputes.


Cumming’s project managers have extensive experience as former owners, contractors, developers, architects, and engineers, in all sectors of the construction industry. We combine this experience with pro-active and effective leadership which provides for superior results.


Cumming holds our executives and our project teams accountable for results — no excuses. Nothing short of delivery on-budget, on-schedule, and on-quality is an acceptable outcome.


Overstaffing the project management role is common in the industry, and results in redundancies and inefficiencies that in turn result in disputes. Cumming right-sizes project staffing, holds the entire project team accountable, and supplements their efforts only where needed to provide our clients with seamless project delivery.

Controls and Reporting

At Cumming, we tailor our extensive controls to mesh flawlessly with the controls of our clients, and to produce complete and fully transparent reporting on budget, schedule, and quality, with full disclosure of all risks and opportunities. We do not impose the use of a single management system platform; instead, we use a variety of management systems and are always flexible. We do whatever it takes to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements.


At its core, project management is the management of a project’s budget, scope and schedule. We are unique in that we provide in-house cost management and project scheduling along with program and project management, in a fully integrated package.

Project Management ServicesThe earlier Cumming is engaged on a project, the more value we can add. Utilizing Cumming’s program and project management expertise at the initial concept stage — when commitments to the project’s budget, scope and schedule are first being developed — promises added value and prevents costly changes and adjustments later in the project development. From planning and design through construction and close-out, we have the expertise and dedication to work as your devoted advocate and achieve the best possible results for your project.